Solarium Business Hub New Cairo, is a unique commercial, administrative, and medical project inspired by luxurious modern European investment projects. The project features a strategic location in one of the prime areas of Fifth Settlement on North 90th Street, providing investors with all the necessary elements for a successful investment.

Solarium Business Hub blends luxurious and contemporary architectural design and benefits from its vibrant location, witnessing high traffic density, which increases the number of visitors to the project. Additionally, the New Cairo Solarium Mall enjoys an integrated service system that makes it a comfortable and unique entertainment destination.

An Overview of Solarium Business Hub New Cairo

Solarium Business Hub New Cairo captures attention with its exceptional architectural design and luxurious facade spanning up to 30 square meters. It stands as an artistic masterpiece enhancing the beauty of North 90th Street in the Fifth Settlement, attracting clients to experience a distinctive lifestyle within its premises. It appears as a distinct oasis separate from the outside world, giving Solarium Mall in New Cairo a unique investment allure and unparalleled charm.

The commercial, administrative, and medical units in Solarium Business Hub have been meticulously designed, surrounded by green spaces, harmonious interior designs, and coordinated decorations. The service and entertainment systems have been organized to ensure complete privacy for each unit, creating a self-contained world. Additionally, the project offers a variety of international restaurants and cafes that provide breathtaking views, top-notch service, and delicious international dishes. All these features make the investment experience in Solarium Business Hub unmatched and extraordinary.

Therefore, the announcement of the official reservation process opening in Solarium Business Hubis great news for those seeking a promising future for their investments. They have the opportunity to benefit from this magnificent project and invest in it.

The location of Solarium Business Hub New Cairo

Selecting the ideal location is one of the key foundations for the success of any project. Therefore, Butija Real Estate Development Company is diligently working on choosing a strategic and distinctive location for its project, Solarium Business Hub New Cairo. This location boasts a range of essential features that contribute to the success of Solarium Mall in New Cairo, in addition to its easy accessibility from various areas.

Solarium Business Hub New Cairo also enjoys a prime location in the Fifth Settlement, at the heart of New Cairo, on the Ring Road and near the American University. This provides ease of access from different directions. Moreover, the center is situated in front of Maxim Mall, adding additional value to its location and enhancing its attractiveness to customers and visitors.

Through this wise location selection, Butija Real Estate Development Company offers its clients a distinctive investment opportunity in Solarium Business Hub New Cairo, ensuring their project’s presence in a strategic location that achieves easy access and prestigious presence in the heart of the Fifth Settlement.

The places near Solarium Business Hub New Cairo

Solarium Business Hub New Cairo enjoys a strategic location that makes it a distinctive destination for visitors and investors. The mall features a front facade overlooking a 90-meter wide road, while its back facade stretches for a distance of 70 meters. The mall is located directly on the North 90 Road in New Cairo.

Among the prominent features of the location, Solarium Business Hub New Cairo is close to the American University and Cairo International Airport, making it convenient for visitors and customers seeking a prestigious business destination and a unique shopping center. The project also benefits from its strategic location in the Fifth Settlement, just a few minutes away from the Cairo Ring Road and the Suez Road.

Additionally, the mall is surrounded by neighboring projects such as SODIC, Mountain View, and Talaat East Compound in the Fifth Settlement, which enhances its value and attractiveness as an upscale commercial destination. The location also enjoys proximity to areas like Nasr City, New Cairo, and Maadi, easily accessible through nearby roads.

Furthermore, Solarioom Mall in New Cairo is conveniently located near the Administrative Capital, Future City, and Madinaty, adding significant investment value to the project and making it a desirable destination for business and shopping.

Types of units within Solarium Business Hub New Cairo

Solarium Business Hub New Cairo stands out for its wide range of units, including retail shops, medical clinics, and administrative offices. These units vary in size to accommodate the diverse needs and requirements of different clients. Regardless of the scale of their business operations, clients will find a suitable unit within the project that meets their needs and contributes to the success of their endeavors.

Design of Solarium Business Hub New Cairo

Thanks to its creative and modern architectural design, the facades of Solarium Business Hub New Cairo stand out for their elegance and attractiveness. An outdoor space of up to 30 square meters has been allocated for the exterior facade of this commercial and administrative medical Solarium Business in New Cairo.

The interior design of the mall also boasts an innovative and distinctive character, achieving a perfect balance between recreational and service elements. The entertainment and service world occupies approximately 65% of the total project area, while the construction area accounts for 35%.

The commercial units are distributed on the ground floor, while the administrative units are located on the first to sixth floors. The medical units have a dedicated floor on the fifth level, while two underground floors house parking spaces. The organizational structure has been planned to meet the project’s needs and provide an integrated and harmonious work environment.

The space of Solarium Business Hub New Cairo

With a total area of up to 4,266 square meters, the project provides a spacious area that accommodates all the recreational and service facilities available. Solarium Business Hub New Cairo also stands out for its availability of diverse and multi-sized units, allowing investors to choose the suitable options according to their needs.

Each floor covers an area of approximately 1,500 square meters, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in optimal space utilization.

Thanks to its innovative and strategic design, Solarium Business Hub in Fifth Settlement enjoys a strategic location, overlooking a 90-meter-wide frontage and a 70-meter-wide back facade. Its frontage extends along the northern street with a width of 30 meters.

The total land area of the mall is 4,266 square meters, with a floor area of 1,500 square meters, divided into two parts. Each part of the floor is equipped with six restrooms, making a total of 12 restrooms on the floor. The occupancy rate for the mall is 38%, reflecting efficient space utilization and providing a comfortable and profitable shopping experience for customers.

With this exceptional design and the availability of diverse spaces, Solarium Business Hub in New Cairo is an ideal destination for shopping and commerce in the Fifth Settlement, meeting the needs of different customers and providing an exceptional business environment.

Spaces and units of Solarium Business Hub New Cairo

Solarium Business Hub in Fifth Settlement stands out for its availability of diverse units with multiple sizes starting from 40 square meters. This spatial diversity provides customers with a unique opportunity to invest in a unit that meets their needs within this exceptional project. Whether they are looking for a small space to start a small business or a larger area to expand their current operations, they will find the suitable choice for them within Solarium Business Hub.

Prices of Solarium Business Hub New Cairo

Administrative offices in Solarium Business Hub in Fifth Settlement are available in sizes starting from 75,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter, providing an opportunity for clients to invest in luxurious and profitable commercial spaces. Additionally, prices for commercial units start at 220,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter, offering a wide range of options for clients seeking to establish successful and thriving business ventures within this distinctive mall.

Payment and settlement systems within Solarium Business Hub New Cairo

Solarium Business Hub Fifth Settlement units offer multiple options for payment and settlement systems, allowing customers to choose the method that suits their needs. Customers can pay a 10% booking deposit of the unit’s value, followed by equal installments over 3 years without interest.

Alternatively, customers can make a 15% booking deposit and settle the remaining amount over 4 years with equal interest-free installments. For those who prefer a longer period, a 20% booking deposit can be made, and the remaining amount can be paid over 5 years with equal interest-free installments. For those seeking an even longer repayment period, a 25% booking deposit can be paid, and the remaining amount can be settled over 6 years with equal interest-free installments. These flexible payment options allow customers to achieve successful investment and enjoy the commercial or administrative unit they desire within this exceptional project.

Project Services

Solarium Business Hub New Cairo provides investors and visitors with a unique and comfortable experience through an integrated service system. It is characterized by the availability of various services and facilities, including:

Sky Light System: The floors are divided into two sections, creating a vibrant and distinctive atmosphere. For children’s entertainment, the Kid’s Area offers activities and games suitable for different age groups.

Four high-speed, world-class elevators are available to facilitate movement between floors. There are also three entrances to the mall from multiple directions, equipped with electronic gates and high-level reception services.

The project features stunning panoramic green spaces. The available restaurants and cafes offer international services and stand out for serving delicious food and beverages to suit various customers.

The project also includes renowned global brands, while providing round-the-clock security and maintenance services. With an advanced security system equipped with the latest surveillance equipment and cameras throughout the project, the 24/7 security services are ready to ensure safety and security.

The project offers a dedicated and spacious garage that accommodates a large number of cars, providing ample space for convenient and secure parking.

Alu Builders enjoys an excellent reputation in the construction industry and owns major aluminum and metal companies in Egypt, such as Jubaild for Aluminum and Metals and Frames for Contracting and Trading. This enhances confidence in using the best materials and technologies in building the project.

Features of Solarium Business Hub New Cairo

Solarium Business Hub New Cairo boasts several distinctive features:

Luxurious Architectural Design: The project stands out with its luxurious and captivating architectural design, which exudes grandeur and a distinguished social status. The interior design is also characterized by creativity and uniqueness, providing unparalleled realms of luxury.

Diverse Commercial and Administrative Spaces: The building offers a variety of commercial, administrative, and medical spaces, providing customers with multiple investment opportunities within this exceptional project.

Integrated Service System: Solarium Business Hub Fifth Settlement provides a comprehensive service system that caters to all essential and recreational needs, ensuring the utmost success of the investment project. The strategically located project within 90th Street in Fifth Settlement offers a unique site.

Competitive Pricing and Convenient Payment Systems: All units have been priced competitively and offer convenient payment and installment plans, presenting an ideal opportunity for investment in this exceptional project.

Continuous Security and Surveillance: Solarium Business Hub Cairo New Cairo ensures round-the-clock security and surveillance. A dedicated team is responsible for maintaining the safety of the premises and ensuring the well-being of visitors and investors.

Bottega  Development Overview

Leading institutions specializing in construction and development in Egypt have come together to create this luxurious investment project. Imtiaz Real Estate Development, a pioneer in the Egyptian real estate investment market known for its upscale projects in the Fifth Settlement and the Administrative Capital, collaborated with Alio Builders, one of the top five construction companies in Egypt.

Alio Builders has an excellent reputation in the field of construction and development and owns major aluminum and metal companies in Egypt, such as Jubaild for Aluminum and Metals and Frames Contracting and Trading Company. This reinforces confidence in using the best materials and techniques in building the project.

Thanks to this ideal collaboration between these leading institutions, we ensure the use of the highest quality standards and premium materials in the construction of this massive project.

The owners of Bottega  Development

Mr. Engineer Abdulmoneim Ghaita holds a prominent position as the CEO and co-founder of Butija Company, which has executed Solarium Business Hub New Cairo. He is known for his innovation and strategic thinking, constantly striving to utilize the latest technologies in the company’s activities. With over 10 years of experience in the field, he possesses the following qualifications:

  • Co-founder and CEO of Jubilder Contracting and Trading Group in Egypt and Dubai, which ranks among the top five companies in the construction industry.
  • Co-founder of Jubilder Iron and Aluminum Company in Egypt.
  • CEO of Jubilder General Trading Company in Dubai.
  • Mr. Ramadan Hassani serves as the Executive Director and co-founder of Butija Real Estate Company. He previously founded the Emtilak Company and executed several distinguished projects over a span of 15 years in various locations. He was also one of the early investors in the New Administrative Capital and has numerous prominent projects to his name, including Zahya Business and Westin Business Park.
  • Mr. Mohamed Hussein, the Chairman of Butija Company, brings over 10 years of experience in engineering, construction, and business management. He has a remarkable vision for building and developing successful real estate projects. Mr. Mohamed Hussein is one of the CEOs and founders of Jubilder Contracting and Trading Company in Egypt, as well as Jubilder General Trading Company in Dubai.

Bottega  Development’s Track Record

Not only are Solarium Business Hub New Cairo among the notable projects by Botiga Real Estate Development, but the company also has a distinguished track record. They have executed remarkable projects in the New Administrative Capital, including:

Mixed Use Tower: Solarium Mall in New Cairo is one of the prominent high-rise buildings in the New Administrative Capital. It boasts a modern and unique architectural design and offers diverse spaces for commercial and administrative purposes.

Westen Park: Westen Park is a comprehensive community in the New Administrative Capital. It stands out with its contemporary design, beautiful landscapes, and provides residential, commercial, and office spaces.