Marassi North Coast is located on the northern coast of Egypt and is one of the most famous tourist resorts in the region. The village is famous for its stunning atmosphere and beautiful sandy beaches and includes many luxurious villas, apartments, and luxury resorts.

Marassi North Coast was designed to meet the needs of tourists who want to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and luxury services. The village includes many luxurious restaurants that offer delicious food and luxurious drinks, and a variety of recreational activities such as diving, sea trips, and surfing.

A Brief about Marassi Village in the North Coast

Marassi Village in the North Coast of Egypt boasts numerous beautiful beaches that provide visitors with the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sun and sea. The village also features many luxurious pools that offer visitors a relaxing experience with refreshing views.

Marassi is a fully serviced village that provides visitors with everything they need to enjoy their stay, including shops, restaurants, sports facilities, and playgrounds. Additionally, the village offers many luxurious services, such as spas, beauty salons, and health resorts.

The North Coast is a major tourist attraction in Egypt, and Marassi Village has gained great popularity among local and foreign tourists alike. The village includes many nearby tourist attractions that visitors can visit, such as Alamein City and the famous city of Alexandria, which offers many fun and exciting tourist activities.

Marassi Village in the North Coast attracts many visitors from all over the world and is an ideal tourist destination for families, couples, and individuals seeking relaxation and luxury in a beautiful natural environment. The village also provides a variety of housing options to suit all budgets and tastes.

Furthermore, Marassi is known for its safety and security, with advanced security systems and emergency medical rescue services available around the clock, making it a safe and ideal tourist destination for visitors.

In summary, Marassi Village in the North Coast of Egypt is a distinguished tourist destination that includes many tourist attractions, recreational activities, and luxurious services. It is a wonderful place to enjoy the sun and sea and have a comfortable and enjoyable stay in a safe and beautiful environment.

Overview of the Project’s Real Estate Developer

Emaar Misr for Development is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt, developing various real estate projects in the capital Cairo and other cities in the country. The company was founded in 2005 and is a subsidiary of the internationally renowned Emaar Properties group in the field of real estate development.

Emaar Misr for Development is developing a diverse range of real estate projects, including residential apartments, commercial and tourist complexes, entertainment and commercial centers, offices and commercial buildings, as well as industrial and logistics projects.

The projects of Emaar Misr for Development are among the most important real estate projects in Egypt, as they include a collection of major and distinguished projects. The company continuously works on developing its projects and improving the quality of work and services provided to its customers. Additionally, the company places great emphasis on sustainable development, preserving the environment, and achieving a balance between economic growth and preserving natural resources.

Emaar Misr for Development is also committed to providing excellent services to its customers, offering a diverse range of services, including maintenance, finishing, security, and guarding, among others, which contribute to providing a comfortable and safe environment for customers.

Emaar Misr for Development is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt, contributing significantly to the development of the real estate sector in the country. Moreover, it enjoys the trust of many customers and investors in Egypt and abroad, reflecting the quality of the services and products provided by the company and its great concern for meeting the needs and aspirations of customers.

Previous Projects of Emaar Misr for Development


  • The Nile Towers in Cairo.
  • The Bibliotheca Alexandrina development.
  • Marassi in the North Coast.
  • Mivida Business Park in the Fifth Settlement.
  • The New Alamein Hotel.
  • Mivida project in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Cairo Gate project in west Cairo.

Marassi North Coast location

Marassi North Coast Village is located at kilometer 125 on the North Coast, and it is one of Emaar Misr’s real estate projects. The area is characterized by stunning natural scenery, white sandy beaches, clear and calm waters, making it a famous tourist destination for both locals and foreign visitors.

Marassi Village includes many facilities and services that meet all the residents’ needs. It contains a large variety of restaurants, cafes, shops, luxury resorts, health clubs, and sports clubs, in addition to stadiums, pools, green parks, and recreational areas.

Moreover, Marassi Village is also an ideal location for living, where it offers a diverse range of residential units, including villas, apartments, twin houses, and chalets. These units are characterized by modern and luxurious design and full facilities.

Furthermore, Marassi Village enjoys a strategic location as it is only a few hours away from Cairo and is located a short distance from other North Coast cities such as Alamein and the East Coast, making it an ideal destination for enjoying a summer vacation or living throughout the year.

Services of Marassi North Coast Village

Marassi Village provides many services and facilities that meet all the needs of visitors and make their stay comfortable and enjoyable. The following are some of the services that are provided within Marassi Village:

  • Beach: Marassi Village is characterized by its beautiful and wide beach, where visitors can enjoy the sun, soft sand, and clear water. The beach has many facilities such as umbrellas, grills, and water sports.
  • Swimming pools: Marassi Village provides a range of private and public swimming pools, where visitors can relax and enjoy swimming and sunbathing.
  • Sports activities: Marassi Village offers many sports activities such as tennis, golf, and cycling, and visitors can take advantage of these services and facilities.
  • Restaurants and cafes: Marassi Village provides many restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of delicious food and drinks, where visitors can enjoy eating in a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Shops and stores: Marassi Village provides many shops and stores that sell various products such as clothes, accessories, and gifts, where visitors can enjoy shopping and buying souvenirs.
  • Health services: Marassi Village has many advanced health services, providing emergency medical services and rescue around the clock, as well as physiotherapy and massage services for those who want to relax and take care of their health.
  • Security and protection: Marassi Village also provides security and protection services around the clock, where permanent guarding and securing are provided to ensure the safety of visitors and their belongings.
  • Health club: There is a health club equipped with many sports equipment and modern facilities inside Marassi Village, where visitors can benefit from the health club to maintain their physical fitness.
  • Cultural and entertainment activities: Marassi Village provides many cultural and entertainment activities such as music concerts, art exhibitions, and cultural activities for children, which visitors can enjoy during their stay.

Features of Marassi North Coast Village

Marassi North Coast Village is known for many features that make it a favorite destination for many visitors and investors. One of the most prominent features is the modern and unique design of the village, characterized by stunning scenery, green nature, and beautiful gardens that create a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility for visitors.

Marassi Village also provides many modern services and facilities that meet the needs of visitors and residents. It has shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, private beaches, and swimming pools, in addition to sports fields, game rooms, and social clubs.

Marassi Village is also famous for providing many health and educational services, with medical clinics, hospitals, and high-quality international schools, ensuring the comfort and safety of visitors and residents.

Furthermore, Marassi Village is distinguished by its ideal location on the North Coast, where it enjoys moderate weather throughout the year, and provides great opportunities to enjoy water sports and other outdoor activities on the beautiful beaches that extend for miles.

Types of units within the project

The Marassi North Coast village project includes luxurious villas, chalets, studios, townhouses, and twin houses with various areas to suit all customers. It offers a wide range of luxurious residential units that cater to all tastes and housing requirements, from chalets to luxurious villas and apartments.

Marassi’s chalets are characterized by their modern and unique designs, with spacious open areas and private garden areas, available in various sizes and the required number of rooms.

The apartments in Marassi offer a diverse range of sizes and designs, ranging from one-bedroom units to four or more, characterized by luxury, modern designs, and amenities.

Villas in Marassi are the best choice for those who want a larger space and ultimate luxury, with areas ranging from 322 square meters to 785 square meters, including a number of rooms, bathrooms, and common areas such as lounges and private gardens.

Marassi’s residential units are ideal for those who want to enjoy the wonderful beach atmosphere and true relaxation, characterized by luxury, modern designs, and modern facilities that ensure a wonderful life for its residents.

Design of Marassi North Coast Village

Marassi North Coast Village is characterized by a unique design that combines luxury and authenticity, featuring architectural elements inspired by ancient Egyptian civilization. The village was designed to embody tranquility and luxury, and consists of a group of luxurious residential units that provide spacious areas and stunning green spaces.

The village also includes a range of distinguished facilities and services, such as beautiful gardens, swimming pools, fine dining restaurants, commercial areas, mosques, and social clubs. In addition, it provides basic facilities such as schools, medical centers, and others that meet the needs of residents.

The design of Marassi North Coast Village is characterized by intricate and stunning architectural details, including Pharaonic architectural elements such as massive columns, pyramids, and ancient Egyptian statues, creating a unique experience for residents and visitors. The village also provides breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, enhancing the peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for residents. Thanks to its unique and distinguished design, Marassi North Coast Village is considered one of the most important and famous real estate projects in Egypt and the Middle East.

Marassi North Coast Village Area

The area of Marassi North Coast village is about 1455 acres. The village is characterized by a strategic location and a large area. It extends along the Egyptian North Coast for a distance of 6.5 kilometers, making it one of the largest residential and tourist projects in the region.

The village contains a wide range of luxurious residential units, including apartments, villas, townhouses, and chalets, ranging in size from 93 to 363 square meters, to meet the needs of different families and individuals.

The village also provides a wide range of facilities and services such as commercial areas, upscale restaurants, social clubs, parks, and swimming pools, as well as other recreational facilities, which enhance the well-being and comfort of residents and make life inside the village more enjoyable and luxurious.

Thanks to its large area and distinguished facilities and services, Marassi North Coast village attracts many visitors and investors from all over the world, making it one of the most important real estate and tourist projects in the Middle East.

Project Units and Spaces

The unit spaces in Marassi North Coast village range from 73 square meters to 363 square meters, where the village is characterized by unique designs and diverse spaces for the available residential units. The apartment spaces in the village range from 73 square meters up to 480 square meters, and they feature distinctive interior designs that meet the needs of different families and individuals. The village also offers villa units ranging in size from 322 square meters up to 785 square meters, featuring unique designs and high-quality finishes that meet the requirements of modern life and comfort.

Marassi North Coast village also includes townhouses with different spaces ranging from 232 square meters up to 327 square meters, featuring a modern and elegant design. The village also offers chalets ranging in size from 95 square meters up to 250 square meters, featuring a prime location next to the sea.

Thanks to this diverse selection of residential units, residents can choose from many available options to meet their individual needs and enjoy luxurious living within Marassi North Coast village.

The interior and exterior design of the residential units feature exquisite and elegant architectural compositions and interior designs that allow for maximum utilization of available spaces, providing a comfortable and upscale environment for residents. Marassi North Coast village also includes a wide range of recreational services and facilities such as swimming pools, health resorts, restaurants, cafes, sports fields, and other amenities that ensure the comfort and well-being of residents.

Thanks to its diverse unit spaces, Marassi North Coast village is an ideal residential destination for families and individuals seeking comfort, relaxation, and luxurious living in one of the best resorts on the North Coast of Egypt.

Marassi North Coast Village Prices

Prices for units in Marassi North Coast Village vary depending on the type of unit, its size, and location within the village. Units are available at a range of prices to suit different tastes and budgets. Marassi resort offers a diverse range of residential options, including apartments, chalets, and luxury villas, making it suitable for investors looking for high-value property investments, as well as individuals who wish to live in an exclusive and upscale environment on the Mediterranean coast.

Prices for units in Marassi North Coast Village range from high to medium and vary depending on the type of unit, its size, and location within the village. For example, a 90 square meter apartment in Marassi Village can be obtained starting from EGP 3.5 million, while a 400 square meter villa can be obtained starting from EGP 10 million. Chalets are also available in different sizes starting from 100 square meters at prices starting from EGP 4 million.

It should be noted that prices for units in Marassi North Coast Village are considered high compared to some other resorts in the area, but this reflects the quality of design and services provided by the village. The village also boasts a large number of luxurious amenities, such as international hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, and sports fields. These factors increase the attractiveness of the village for many investors, local residents, and foreigners who want to live in an exclusive and upscale environment on the Mediterranean coast.

Payment and settlement systems within Marassi North Coast Village

Marassi North Coast Village offers flexible payment and settlement systems that suit various customers and facilitate their acquisition of the desired residential unit. These systems include several options such as down payments, equal installments, graduated installments, and payment upon receipt.

Down payments allow buyers to pay a certain percentage of the unit’s value as a first payment, ranging from 5% to 10% of the property’s value, with the remaining amount paid in several equal installments over a specified period. Equal installments allow payment of the unit’s value in equal installments over a certain period of up to 8 years.

In addition, graduated installments allow buyers to pay the unit’s value gradually and increasingly over a specified period, which can reach up to 10 years.

By choosing any of these systems, customers can benefit from the flexible payment options provided by Marassi North Coast Village, enabling them to own the desired residential unit in an easy and convenient way.