Jouri Hills villas are for those who seek the real experience of luxurious high-end living, with all the modern features in the embrace of nature.

All of this is accompanied by a range of top-quality services and amenities.

This outstanding project is launched by Arad Real Estate Development Company, which has chosen an exceptional location for Jouri Hills Villas, in the Jumeirah Golf Estates area.

Thus, Arad Company presented a rare investment opportunity in this enchanting spot, and also offered exceptional services and features that perfectly match the luxury of the project, which is distinguished by its striking contemporary design.

With unprecedented payment facilities through instant payment systems, as well as installment plans that extend over many years with unequal installments, the development company has provided all of this and more for its investor and individual clients, both inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.

An overview of Jouri Hills villas

  • Project name: Jouri Hills Villas.
  • Project overview: A large investment project that includes luxurious villa units, integrated with unique services and features, in an exceptional prime location.
  • Project location: Jumeirah area in Dubai.
  • Unit type: Luxury villas.
  • Total unit area: Starting from 3190 square feet.
  • Developer company: Arada Property Development.
  • Cash unit price: Starting from  3,091,000 AED.
  • Payment systems: Convenient and starting from a 20% down payment only.
  • Installment years: Flexible, extended, and uneven.

An overview of the real estate development company Arada

The real estate development company Arada was launched by the Emirate of Sharka in 2019.

Despite being a relatively new company, it is now considered a leading company in the real estate market in the Middle East region.

Arada focuses on the luxurious development of residential communities, including palaces, villas, and also luxury apartments.

The company follows the principle of transforming any type of residential unit into an entertainment unit.

Previous projects of the real estate development company Arada

  • The Townhouse Prime project, in which luxury apartment units were offered.
  • The Mirage project, which is considered one of the luxurious projects, was designed to match its name, as it was executed amidst charming gardens and trees.
  • The Mesk project.

The location of Jouri Hills villas

The real estate development company chose a distinguished location, specifically properties in the Jumeirah area, dedicated to golf. This is one of the unique locations within Dubai, as it fulfills the dream of anyone who loves golf. The Gory Hills villas are located in an area surrounded by the largest number of golf courses. As for the nearby locations of the Gory Hills villas project, they are as follows:

The places near Jouri Hills villas

  • There is only a five-minute distance between the Jouri Hills apartment project and the metro station.
  • The project is located within a five-minute proximity to Dubai Marina Mall. Jouri Hills villas are only ten minutes away from the beach.
  • The project is only twenty minutes away from the center of Dubai.
  • Jouri Hills villas are approximately a half-hour drive away from Dubai International Airport.

The design, area, and types of units inside Jouri Hills villas

The real estate development company always produces distinguished projects, and in designing its latest project, Jouri Hills Villas, it aimed to create a unique design that reflects the project’s name meaning.

The result is an extremely elegant design that blends perfectly with the enchanting nature that surrounds it.

The interior designs of the villas are also characterized by extreme luxury, elegance, and sophistication.

All the villas within the project have full glass facades and exceptional lighting.

Each residential unit is also accompanied by a private swimming pool, and the company has carefully crafted the project to fit its large area, producing luxurious villas of all types, from palaces and penthouses to independent villas.

Services and features of Jouri Hills villas

The developing company has provided a range of services and features that are suitable for the luxury of Villas in Gory Hills.

They have provided customers with everything they need in terms of luxury amenities, so they feel like they are inside an integrated community. Among the most important things provided by the company are:

  • Inside each residential unit, there is a home theater that has been designated for the children’s enjoyment, as well as a sauna room and a private bowling hall.
  • The Jouri Hills villas project features large commercial centers for a unique shopping experience, offering both local and international products.
  • The educational services provided are of the highest level, as the real estate developer has provided international schools, nurseries, and universities.
  • One of the most important features of the Jouri Hills villas project is that it grants permanent residency within the United Arab Emirates to anyone who owns a unit within the project, allowing them to enjoy all the benefits that the UAE has to offer.
  • The developer has equipped the villas within the Jouri Hills project with all the features found in smart homes in the United States of America.

Jouri Hills villas فلل جوري هيلز

Prices for units in Jouri Hills villas

The prices are exceptional with the immediate payment system, starting from only 3,091,000 AED for a unit area of 3,190 square feet.

  • As for the unit area of 3,997 square feet with cash payment, the price starts from 5,353,000 to 5,399,000 AED.
  • As for the unit price for an area of 5,739 square feet with cash payment, it starts from 7,797,000 and goes up to 7,823,000 AED.
  • Discounts are offered upon booking and contracting with immediate payment.

The booking and installment systems are as follows:

Booking, payment, and installment systems within the Jouri Hills Villas project.

  • The client pays a 20% down payment as a reservation fee.
  • The client pays 5% of the second installment, which is due within 120 days of the contract’s writing date. The third installment is 9%, and the client can pay it within 230 days of the contract signing date.
  • The fourth installment is paid within 380 days of the contract writing date, at a value of 9% of the remaining amount.
  • The client can pay the fifth installment, which is 9% of the remaining amount, within 390 days.
  • The sixth installment is due within 730 days of the contract writing date, and the client pays the remaining 9% of the total unit amount.
  • The seventh installment is 9%, and the client can pay it within 810 days of the contract signing date.
  • The eighth installment is 5%, and the client pays it within 900 days of the date of writing the contract for ownership of the residential unit within Jouri Hills Villas.
  • After completing the Jouri Hills Villas project construction and delivering the residential unit to the client, the ninth installment comes at a value of 30% of the remaining unit price.